Welcome to  British Kindergarten School basis to lifelong learning


Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our pre school club will be a perfect introduction.
We teach them everything through oral and picture talk, storytelling and reciting rhymes.


Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery.
They are taught to write and recite alphabets from A to Z with aid of pictures. The children are trained to recognise alphabets, numbers and objects.

After School

With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children.

To support the needs of children through academic, recreational and social opportunities that build upon individual strengths and interests necessary for future success.

Why choose British Kindergarten School

At British Kindergarten School (BIKS), we strongly believe that the educational experience should be stimulating and challenging, but above all, the child must feel happy and secure. Constructive & Focused Play with respect to a scientific curriculum is the method by which an young child learns.

Hence, British International’s orientation is towards Games on Alphabets, Identification of Shapes & Patterns, Fruits, Vegetable, and Animals & Birds. Picture talk, Stories, Puppetry, and Rhymes form an integral part of all the day to day activities. Our well trained staff observes analyses & provides assistance in each activity individually or in groups. Pre-writing skills are an added activity to the Nursery students.


British Kindergarten School

Learning through fun

Classroom Facilities

The curriculum teaching is enhanced at every stage by undertaking Field Trips, water Play, Sand Play provided at state-of-the art facilities.

Pick up & Drop Facility is also provided, with school staff accompanying in each vehicle. The Day Care facility at BIKS provides a safe and caring environment, ensuring individualized attention to each child, ample opportunities for the child to have Playful moments. The day Care facility is available from 9 AM to 5. 30 PM.

Daily Activity

British Kindergarten School daily games and activities play a major role in the all round development of children.

Be it development of sensory motor skills or cognitive development or adjustment is peer group, preschool daily games and activities triggers of the learning process in a constructive way.


Admissions to KG

Classes are restricted to limited seats. However admissions into Pre-nursery & Nursery classes are allowed throughout the year.


Mission Philosophy

Our mission is for each and every one of our students to be a competent learner and most of all, to enjoy the pleasure of learning. Providing a stimulating and fun learning environment for your child to grow and develop and to fulfill their full potential.

We envision providing outstanding Kindergarten and pre-school education which is achieved in a friendly, family atmosphere that nurtures a community feeling where the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs of all children are met within an ENGLISH ONLY environment.


Occassional Events

At British Kindergarten School we regularly organise events for kids to motivate their talents.

event at biks

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

BIKS believes that Kindergarten years are crucial for giving our children a strong start in their journey of life-long learning.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

What The Parents Say

Our Campus

As soon as you drive into the beautiful and colorful BIKS Campus, you feel the happy and warm environment, smiles and light-hearted conversations shared with students and staff.

Children are greeted by our staff with warmth and cuddles! This environment and atmosphere has built up a sense of community, not easily found in many other schools.

Your Children

Explore and think out of the box to solve different kinds of problems in their daily routine by making our children exercise numbers which include rhymes on numbers, oral and written work.

  • Every child is made to recognize words by sight, decoding and using contextual clues.
  • Math, sort and compare things by one attribute to another are introduced by providing them worksheets.
  • An understanding of the sound structure of oral language at word level, syllable level, rhyme level, phoneme level, etc. helps them in their intellectual growth as well as learning to communicate effectively.


BIKS provide a range of experiences in a safe and supportive environment.


When learning is viewed as fun, children are much more willing to participate. They want to jump in and have a good time. As a parent, the more that you can teach through play, the more your child will retain.


Education at BIKS reflects the importance of the holistic development of children, emphasizing the need to build up confidence and social skills.

At BIKS children will learn to share and take turns with others, to explore, listen and speak with understanding. We deliver value-based education which teaches them to love their families, friends, teachers and school.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities