The ‘BIKS’ Kindergarten, purpose built and stunning

The Director of British KG Schools, Mrs. Beena Mathew has substantial experience in teaching and leadership in schools.

She leads a team of qualified, highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, and successfully creates a culture of true warmth in an exceptionally caring environment.


At British International Kindergarten School we have friendly teachers and other staff to take care of your child.

Play Areas

Without adequate, healthy play, children run the risk of entering school unprepared, We have several shaded outdoor and indoor play and recreation areas


When it comes in teachers we have well qualified staff and especially our teaching staff who are well qualified to guide your child.


Education at BIKS reflects the importance of the holistic development of children, emphasizing the need to build up confidence and social skills.


With over 7 years of experience we know how important is to know the children and parents and take a good care.


At British International Kindergarten School we belief that the most productive way of learning is through fun and hands-on experience and that game playing provides the perfect tool to achieve this goal.